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Midland Funding Loses Credit Card Lawsuit: Final Judgment for our Client

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Plaintiff: Midland Funding LLC

Original Creditor: Chase Bank USA, N.A.

Plaintiff’s Attorney: Amanda R. Duffy, Esq. and Robert J. Dunn, lll, Esq.

Case Outcome: Final Judgment in favor of our Client: Client Pays Nothing

Our client was sued by attorneys Amanda Duffy and Robert Dunn, III, who represented Midland Funding LLC.  Midland Funding claimed to have bought the credit card account from Chase Bank USA, NA.  After receiving the Summons and Complaint, our client contacted the Rudnitsky Law Firm to represent them.  After conducting discovery, we turned the tables on the Midland Funding lawsuit, by using our knowledge of the rules of evidence and the rules of civil procedure: we filed our motion to win the case even without a trial.  After reviewing the evidence and rules, the Court agreed with our position, and entered a Final Judgment for Defendant.  This means that our client won completely, and did not have to pay a penny to Midland Funding LLC or its lawyers.

If you are looking for an experienced consumer protection attorney to defend your credit card lawsuit or other debt collection case in Central Florida, please call us for a free consultation at 407-333-0001.  Many people do not know how to properly answer a Complaint or engage in discovery.  Often, people cannot take the required time off work or school to attend court hearings.  That is where we step in.  Attorney Taras Rudnitsky will file the necessary paperwork and attend the court hearings.  Remember, the debt collection companies use experienced debt collection attorneys; you deserve to have an experienced consumer protection attorney represent you.  You do not have to go through this alone – helping Florida consumers is what we do.