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Car Dealer and Finance Company Forced to Refund Client’s Money and Cancel Contract

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Our client went looking at a car dealer for a safe and reliable used car. The dealer recommended a specific vehicle as being safe, reliable, dependable, and claimed that it had never been in an accident. Relying on the car dealer, our client then purchased the vehicle. The car dealer then assigned the contract to a major finance company.

Rebuilt tile from motor car concepts

Rebuilt wreck designation

After the purchase, our client experienced numerous significant problems with the car, which the dealer refused to repair. After being retained, we promptly started our investigation. We discovered that the vehicle was actually a rebuilt wreck that was involved in a wreck that was so severe that the front end was smashed and both front air bags deployed.

Even though they knew the vehicle was a rebuilt wreck, the dealer sold it to our client without properly disclosing that critical fact. Our investigation also revealed that he dealer made an important change to the paperwork after it was signed by our client but before they submitted it to the DMV. We also found out that the finance company had improper communications with our client’s employer about the financing contract.

After the car dealer and finance company both refused to accept responsibility for their actions, we sued both of them for violations of numerous Florida laws. Based on the facts of the case, both the car dealer and finance company agreed to settle the claims, including paying our client’s damages cancelling her contract.

If you suspect your car has accident damage that was not disclosed by the dealer who sold it to you, or if you try trading in your car and that dealership tells you they cannot take it, you may have legal options. We have important experience in auto fraud and other types of consumer protection cases. Taras Rudnitsky is a former automotive engineer, and we have helped numerous clients receive refunds from car dealers and their employees, car manufacturers, and finance companies.