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Obtaining Justice in Used Car Deal

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Our client went looking for a reliable and dependable used car from a buy-here, pay-here dealership.  Although she put a deposit on the car they recommended, the dealer did not provide the car to her right away, but insisted that she first sign additional paperwork.  The used car lot also told her the sales price was going to be higher for a customer buying on credit than for a customer paying cash.  Before allowing her to take the car, the dealership also gave her even more paperwork in which they tried to change the terms of their deal.  Once she received the car, it was in a different condition than it had been when she signed the initial contract.

After retaining us, our investigation revealed that our client had numerous claims against the car dealership.  We filed our Complaint with claims for:  Revocation of Acceptance, Fraud and Misrepresentation, Violation of the Florida Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act and others.  Shortly after we filed our lawsuit, the dealership agreed to a settlement that included numerous provisions in our client’s favor, including a full refund to our client for her deposit and all court costs.

If a new or used car dealer has unfairly taken advantage of you – either in misrepresenting the condition of the car or in the vehicle financing or other paperwork – the law may provide you with certain remedies.