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Odometer Rollback Lawsuit Provides Justice for our Client

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Our client was interested in purchasing a pickup truck.  He went to a local dealership where he saw one that he was told could pull his trailer.  He was told that the vehicle was inspected and was just what he was looking for.  The dealer confirmed to him that the odometer mileage was accurate.  The dealer provided him with several other documents also showing that mileage.  Our client purchased the truck and signed Bill of Sale / Buyers Order, Retail Installment Sale Contract, Odometer Disclosure Statement, and other documents necessary to purchase the vehicle.  When our client later tried to sell his truck, the buyer refused to complete the purchase when he found that a Carfax report indicated there was a potential odometer rollback of about 100,000 miles.  Our client retained us when his attempts to resolve this with the dealer and with the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (commonly known as the DMV) did not work out.

Odometer rollback evidence

Rolled Back Odometer

We promptly obtained and reviewed all the relevant documents.  We were able to demonstrate that the truck had almost 100,000 more miles on it when the dealer bought it at auction than when they sold it to our client.  We were also able to demonstrate that the dealer did not provide our client with the documentation that would have exposed this odometer rollback.  We were also able to prove to the DMV that their initial investigation of the odometer rollback was not accurate.

As a result of our investigation and knowledge of both state and federal laws regarding odometer rollback, we obtained justice on behalf of our client.  We recovered every penny our client had paid the dealer, including his insurance payments and his registration payments, plus a significant additional amount for the odometer rollback, given what he went through.  Our client was then able to return the truck to the dealership.  The DMV even re-investigated our client’s claim, and agreed that the dealership had violated numerous Florida laws, including one dealing with an odometer rollback.

Taras Rudnitsky is a former automotive engineer who is experienced in suing car companies and car dealerships.  He is very knowledgeable about the state and federal laws and regulations that apply to odometer rollback cases, and the evidence that can prove up the case.  Taras believes strongly in obtaining justice for our clients.  He will work on your case personally from beginning to end.  He proudly volunteers and has been active in several legal committees, including the Florida Bar’s Consumer Protection Law Committee.  Taras has also served on the Board of Directors for several legal organizations, and has also served as their President.  Taras has received numerous awards for helping Florida consumers, including 3 in the past month.  He has also been featured as a consumer protection attorney in several newspaper and TV interviews.

There are many attorneys and law firms to choose from; we are honored you have taken the time to review our website.  While no attorney can ever guaranty the outcome of a case, we will be with you together from beginning to end.  From filing the proper answer or filing the complaint, sending out and responding to discovery requests, and answering your questions when they arise.  Mr. Rudnitsky attends every court hearing personally.