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Odometer Tampering Lawsuit Recovers Money Damages for Client

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Our client saw an advertisement for a used car being sold by a dealership.  The car dealer advertised the car as being low mileage, reliable, checked out, and in great condition.  The car’s odometer showed it had about 70,000 miles on it.  The purchase paperwork all claimed that the car had about 70,000 actual miles on it.  There was no mention of any odometer tampering, rollback, or other issues.

After purchasing the car, our client experienced numerous problems with it.  The problems include oil leaks, brake pads, coils, wiring, and many other issues.  When our client tried to trade in the vehicle at another dealership over a year later, the dealership refused to accept it because a Carfax report suggested there had been odometer tampering.  When this was pointed out to the dealership where our client had purchased it, they refused to do anything about it, and said that the salesman did not work there anymore.

Once we were retained, we obtained significant additional evidence showing odometer tampering.  We obtained documentation showing the car actually had more than 130,000 miles on it, and that its odometer had been rolled back by about 60,000 miles.  When the dealer again refused to accept responsibility, we sued the dealer.  Based on our experience with other odometer roll back cases, we filed claims under both state and federal laws dealing with odometer tampering.  After initially denying responsibility, the dealer agreed to a settlement allowing our client to recover damages resulting from the odometer tampering.

Some people think that odometer tampering would have stopped once cars started using digital odometers.  Our experience shows this has not happened.  In fact, we are seeing more odometer rollback cases now than we ever have before.  Odometer tampering and odometer fraud is a serious issue, and requires serious and quick investigation by an experienced and skilled auto fraud attorney.  We have successfully handled many odometer fraud cases. We can help protect your rights, even if you bought your vehicle a year or two ago, and even if you signed an “as is” disclaimer.