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Dealer Settles with Client of the Rudnitsky Law Firm

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Our client went shopping at a local car dealer to look for a reliable and dependable used car.  She ended up buying a car that the salesman told her was in good condition and for which he did not disclose any problems.  However, she soon began experiencing significant problems to the point where the car would no longer even run.  No dealer would even take the car as a trade-in.  Needing transportation and wondering if she would be stuck with a lemon car with a lot of problems, she contacted us.

After our client contacted the Rudnitsky Law Firm, we explained her rights.  It turns our she had numerous legal claims against the car dealer.  We explained that those rights did not simply disappear when they required her to sign an “as is” disclaimer.  Our investigation quickly revealed that the car dealer had actually sold her a “rebuilt wreck”.  A rebuilt wreck is a vehicle that has been involved in a significant accident, and then rebuilt so that it could be sold again.

After we informed the car dealer of these facts and how we could hold them responsible under Florida’s consumer protection laws, they quickly agreed to settle our client’s claims.  She received a full refund of everything she had paid to the dealer and other expenses caused by the rebuilt wreck.

Such rebuilt wrecks can be dangerous for their drivers, anyone else in the car, and even other nearby drivers and pedestrians.  We have represented many consumers who were sold rebuilt wrecks without their knowledge.  We have also represented many consumers who were sold cars with odometer rollbacks, significant defects, warranty problems, illegal charges, faulty repairs, undisclosed accidents, and many other types of auto fraud cases.  If you suspect the car you were sold was a rebuilt wreck or if you are a victim of any other type of auto fraud, you have important rights under Florida and federal laws.  Once we represent you, consumer protection attorney Taras Rudnitsky, a former automotive engineer, will personally handle your case from beginning to end.