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Orlando Car Dealer to Sue Another Car Dealer

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A recent story by a local TV station caught my eye.  According to the story, a dealership called “V-12 Auto Sales” in Orlando has been charged with falsifying titles for vehicles in order to make a profit.  A dealer breaking the law in order to make more money is not what caught my eye, as that happens way too frequently.  What really stood out to me is that another car dealer, who had allegedly been ripped off by V-12 Auto Sales, indicated they were going to sue that dealership to try to recover their money.  In other words, this is a case involving one car dealer suing another car dealer for auto fraud!

This is especially ironic, given that the car dealers and their lobbyists in Florida are hard at work right now trying to restrict the rights of consumers to sue for auto fraud.  Apparently, some Florida car dealers believe consumers should have reduced rights to sue them for auto fraud, but that those same dealers should have full rights to sue other car dealers for auto fraud without those same restrictions.  Click here for a description of how Florida politicians, with the backing of the car dealer lobbyists, are trying to eliminate important rights for consumers who have been defrauded by car dealers.

When it comes to Florida car dealers and auto fraud, apparently what is good for the goose is NOT good for the gander.