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There are not enough words to explain how greatful I am for Taras & Tina. We got ourselves into a situation where a car dealership was refusing to give us back our $2,500 down payment after wrongfully repossessing it. The dealership said I was not entitled to have that money, they were right I was entitled to much more, and because we hired Rudnitsky Law Firm we got exactly that. Throughout the whole process they both kept me up-to-date with everything that was going on, even would take late phone calls due to me working later hours. I never felt rushed with questions that I needed to ask, and Taras always made sure I understood what was happening with the case. When this first happened to us I was extremely devastated, but now I’m happy that it did. It gave us some extra money, and hopefully taught that dealership an lesson, and it gave us a chance to meet amazing people.  I highly recommend Taras and Tina to anybody who needs this type of legal assistance.  They are truly genuine and I could not have asked for better attorneys to handle this case.  Especially when others told us that there was nothing that could be done.