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Repair Shop Caught Violating Florida Laws

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Our client went to a “buy here pay here” used car dealer after seeing a truck she wanted. There were problems with it, so the dealer recommended the repair shop next door. That repair shop informed our client that they could properly repair the rear end on the truck, and would provide a full warranty. They then installed a different rear end, and our client paid them for the repairs. However, the repairs were faulty: the entire rear end locked up that same day, causing the vehicle to suddenly jolt and the rear brakes to crack. Although the repair shop was requested to fix it under the warranty, they did not do so. Worried about safety, our client then arranged for another shop to diagnose the problems and repair them. Thankfully she was able to preserve the parts from the truck.

Parts after repairs made by repair shop

Part of vehicle’s rear end

After we were retained, we determined that the repair shop violated numerous provisions of Florida laws and U.S. laws applicable to vehicle repairs. When the repair shop refused to pay for the repairs to correct the rear end and brakes, we sued them. The Court agreed with our legal analysis and arguments, and entered a judgment against the repair shop for its violations of state and federal laws. We were able to get our client every dollar she had paid to the repair shop.

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