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Requests For Production

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During a debt collection lawsuit, the other side may send you requests for production of documents.  Those requests are exactly what they sound like: a legal request for you to produce the listed documents.  However, keep in mind that you also have the right to ask the other side to produce documents relevant to the case.  In a debt collection case, that includes documents proving the debt collector owns the debt, copies of your billing statements, copies of your credit card agreement or other loan documents, envelope “stuffers” sent to you that discuss the terms of your contract, and numerous other documents.  Each side must generally produce the requested documents that are in their possession, custody or control, unless there is a legal objection or the documents are privileged.

Such requests are an excellent opportunity to find out whether the debt collector has the documents necessary to prove its case against you.  If they fail or refuse to produce the necessary documents, you should object to them later trying to present evidence about those documents at trial or court hearings.

If you receive such requests and believe they are inappropriate, or would like to determine your rights and responsibilities  for producing documents, you should promptly consult with a consumer rights attorney near you.  Here in Central Florida, please feel free to contact us for a free consultation: you can contact us by clicking on the Contact Us link, calling us at 386-444-3032, or by faxing us.  We are happy to represent consumers sued by shady and unscrupulous debt collectors.