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Roofing Contractor Botches Repair Job

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Our clients, an elderly couple, hired a roofing contractor to replace the roof on their home. Almost immediately, the new roof began to leak. When it rained, they were forced to place buckets all around their home to prevent damage to the interior. The contractor refused to fix it, claiming the shingles were defective. The shingle supplier refused to fix it, claiming the shingles were installed improperly.

To solve this dilemma, we sued both the contractor and the roofing supplier. After a quick inspection of the roof by an expert, it was determined that both were to blame. We were able to get enough money for our clients to hire a more reputable contractor to fix the roof using better materials. Afterwards, there were no more leaks in the roof.

If you pay for a home improvement project, you are entitled to certain rights, including having the job performed well and up to reasonable standards. Most reputable contractors will provide a written warranty for their work. Even if they don’t, Florida law may provide “implied” warranties that become part of your contract.  You have legal rights, even if the contract contains an “as-is” disclaimer. If you have suffered due to shoddy home improvement projects and need a consumer lawyer, we would be honored to provide you a free consultation to review your legal rights and your options.