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Rudnitsky Law Firm Client Review: Auto Fraud Case

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Client:  Latasha

Client Review:  I went to Taras Rudnitsky law firm back in September of 2014 with a major problem where a car dealership did some illegal things from illegal repossession of the truck I purchased from the dealership but before going to meet Taras Rudnitsky it looked like I called every attorney in Florida for help and nobody was able to help me I even called the state attorneys office and office of financial regulations no help when I met with Taras Rudnitsky in his law firm I was sort of scared because I thought maybe it would be a lost cause again but he and his wife Tina made me feel at home and when he said that he will take my case for a very small retainers fee I was so happy because every attorneys I called if they could help me they wanted to charge me a arm and a leg but long story short not only did Taras Rudnitsky win my case and got me way more than what that trashy dealership had taken from me. so if anyone who is going through some kind of consumer problem and don’t know where to turn and it seems like there is no place to go please call the Rudnitsky law firm his wife Tina will answer. If there is no help in sight trust me there is somebody who does care and that will help you and put all of your needs first.just make that one phone call to the Rudnitsky law firm I hope and pray this will help somebody.