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Rudnitsky Law Firm Earns Glowing Review from Client

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Client:  LS

Type of Case:  Debt Collection Defense

Client Review:

I am so pleased with the Rudnitsky Law office and services provided. I could not be any happier. I had a summons for a debt of $5000+ on a credit card that had defaulted. I panicked and went on the search to find an attorney who would represent me with this issue, I called and spoke with Tina. She was able to answer my questions and I sent over my documentation from the summons. Taras Rudnitsky called me that evening in regards, to my case. Within a week, I was in the office and retained him as my lawyer. The NEXT day, my case was dismissed I was in total shock at how quick, Taras Rudnitsky worked on my case. A huge weight was lifted off my shoulders and I am happy I was able trust this law firm!