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Rudnitsky Law Firm Receives Excellent Review

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Client: Name Withheld by Request

Type of Case: Debt Collection Defense

Client Review:

I was being sued over a debt amount that I did not feel I owed, nonetheless, being involved in a law suit was so traumatic for me that I only wanted to settle at almost any cost. Upon the advice of a friend, I decided to contact the Rudnitsky law firm to see what my options might be. After an initial phone interview I had a very good feeling about Taras. He took his time to answer all of my questions and gave me a great amount of helpful information. He came across very well-versed and sincere, which is why I decided to ask him to defend me in this case. I was overwhelmed when Taras was able to have the lawsuit dismissed just one day after the initial consultation at his office. Getting this issue behind me has really taken a load off my mind and I sincerely thank Taras and Tina for their assistance – both of them were very helpful, responsive and empathetic throughout this process!