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Safeway Water Orlando Settles Our Client’s Claims

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Safeway Water Orlando contacted our client at their home and offered to do a free water sample test at their home.  Because they were in the neighborhood, our client allowed Safeway Water Orlando to do the water test.  Following the test, our client was frightened into thinking the water in the home was not safe to drink.  After hearing all sorts of promises from their salesperson, our client agreed to purchase a new water treatment system from Safeway Water Orlando.  After realizing something did not seem right, they contacted the Rudnitsky Law Firm.

We met our client at their home and reviewed all the information they received from Safeway Water Orlando, including promised gift cards and other tempting offers.  We discussed in detail with our client what occurred, reviewed the documents the water treatment company had provided, observed the equipment they had installed, and conducted our own investigation.

The company doing business as Safeway Water Orlando is actually called Beyond Health USA LLC.  We promptly sent our legal notice letter to them outlining the key facts and our client’s legal claims.  They agreed to remove the water treatment equipment and restore her original water, and paid to get our client out of the contract.  Our client did not have to pay anything to Safeway Water Orlando.

If you feel you have been scammed into a purchase, contact us today.  We will be happy to meet at a time and location convenient for you.  We can make ourselves available in the evenings and on the weekends.  Let an experienced consumer protection attorney review your situation to evaluate your rights under the law.