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Setting Aside a Final Judgment

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We recently had the privilege of representing a client who had just discovered that there had been a Default Final Judgment entered against her last year as a result of a small claims lawsuit in a County Court here in Central Florida. She was completely unaware of the judgment, and had not defended the lawsuit. In fact, the plaintiff, Financial Independence Srvcs. Corp., represented by Jorge Palma from the Law Offices of Andreu, Palma & Andreu, P.L., had seized money from our client based on that Default Final Judgment.

Another lawyer had told our client there was nothing that could be done. However, we accepted her case as part of our law practice defending consumers sued in credit card debt collection cases. We promptly filed the appropriate motion and supporting documents with the Court. Soon afterward, we reached a settlement that included having the Default Final Judgment set aside as no longer binding, refunding most of our client’s money, and dismissing the initial debt collection action.