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Successful Claims Against Port Orange Auto Sales and Louis Ferris

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Our clients purchased a used car from Louis Ferris at the Port Orange Sales, LLC dealership in Port Orange, Florida.  Later, Port Orange Sales had the vehicle repossessed.  Our clients retained us shortly afterward, and we immediately started working on their behalf.  We discovered numerous irregularities with the dealership, the vehicle financing documents, and the repo; these included violations of both state and federal laws.  Using our knowledge of auto sales, auto fraud and auto financing, we were able to apply those laws to obtain justice for our clients, including the return of their vehicle.

If you are experiencing problems with a vehicle you purchased, or with its financing, contact us to preserve your rights.  If you have also purchased a vehicle from Port Orange Sales, LLC or any other “buy here, pay here” used car dealer, and are experiencing similar issues, we may be able to help you obtain justice too.