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Repo Debt Collection Lawsuit

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Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC recently sued our client on behalf of HSBC Private Label Acquisition Corp./Suzuki, claiming that our client had defaulted on paying for a Suzuki motorcycle.  Suzuki had repossessed the motorcycle, which resulted in our client being sued for a deficiency judgment.

Using our experience in defending debt collection lawsuits, we were able to identify several areas where they failed to comply with Florida law.  We also defended on the basis that Portfolio Recovery Associates had violated Florida’s rules relating to civil procedure.  Based on our lawsuit defense, Portfolio Recovery Associates agreed to completely drop their lawsuit.

If you receive a summons for a lawsuit, let us help you.  All too often we get a call after the lawsuit is over.  By then, they have signed a stipulation or settlement agreement without understanding what it meant, and thinking they received a good deal on it.  Later, they learn there is a judgment against them, which affects their credit rating and the interest rates they receive on future loans.  Sometimes, they don’t find out the effect until their wages are withheld or the money in their bank account is taken away.  Don’t let this happen to you – know your rights before you sign.