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  • Debt Collection FTC Report

    Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issued a report detailing numerous problems with American’s debt collectors, along with recommendations on how to improve the system to make it fairer for consumers. The problems identified above are happening every day here in Seminole County as well as throughout Central Florida. Rudnitsky Law Firm can help you get rid of such unpleasant experiences with debt collectors.

  • Debt Collection Settlement Companies and Scams

    Debt settlement or debt relief companies get a lot of scrutiny to avoid debt relief scams. If you have been defrauded by such Debt Collection Settlement Companies, you may want to speak with Florida consumer attorney near you and it may be possible recovering some of your money. Talk to Rudnitsky Law Firm about debt relief today.

  • Losing Your Rights in Arbitration

    Arbitration is a process where the parties avoid going to court by using a private process to resolve disputes that would otherwise normally end up in court. Arbitration is a private process, with lots of secrecy and without many of the most important rights you would have in court. It is important to put legislation in place to prevent companies from forcing you into arbitration with the help of a Florida debt collection attorney.