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Taras Rudnitsky Appointed Chair of The Florida Bar Small Claims Rules Committee

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Taras Rudnitsky was recently appointed the chair of the Small Claims Rules Committee of the Florida Bar.  The appointment was made by the President of the Florida Bar.  The Small Claims Rules Committee was established to consider proposed additions, changes, deletions and clarifications to the Florida Small Claims Rules.  These Florida Small Claims Rules are the procedural rules that typically govern small claims civil cases, which include cases involving money damages of up to $5,000.  Taras was first appointed to membership on the Small Claims Rules Committee back in 2011.

Taras’s leadership of the Small Claims Rules Committee is just one aspect of his dedication toward improving the law, with a focus on justice for all.  Taras Rudnitsky of the Rudnitsky Law Firm has also been active both as a volunteer attorney and member of the Board of Directors for 2 legal services organizations here in Central Florida:  Legal Advocacy Center of Central Florida and Community Legal Services of Mid-Florida.  He currently serves as the president of both organizations.  He is also vice-president of the Ukrainian American Bar Association.