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The BEST Debt Collection Defense Attorney

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Client:  DB

Client Review:

I was served a court summons for a debt collection from CACH LLC, that had been hugely inflated. After doing some research and reading nothing but great and positive reviews, I decided to give Mr. Taras Rudnitsky a call. It was by far the absolute best decision I could have possible made!! In our initial phone call, Taras explained everything to me in detail, answered every question I had, and when I ended the call I felt very confident that I had contacted the right man.
From that point on, Taras and his wife Tina kept me very well informed, they contacted me every time there was progression in my case, and responded in a very timely manner whenever I contacted them.
The biggest surprise came when I received a call from Taras less than a week after meeting with him, and being told that the collection agency had dismissed my case!! Furthermore, the collections agency had agreed to not sell my debt to another collector and would remove all negative reports from my credit report. I did not have to pay the collection lawyer or the agency anything!!
You will not find a more knowledgeable, patient and thorough lawyer than Mr. Rudnitsky.