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Tires Shop Forced to Pay for Improper Repairs

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Our client had their car towed in for service at a local tire repair shop.  They diagnosed the problems and replaced several components.  Shortly after he received the vehicle back, he began experiencing significant new problems with the vehicle.  He promptly returned it to the repair shop, who confirmed the additional problems.  Our client then had different mechanics inspect the car, and they identified problems with the repair work that had been performed by them.  They then agreed to fix the problems, which were extensive and required replacement of the engine.  Although they initially told our client it would pay for the repairs, issues between them and the repairing dealership resulted in our client’s car not getting fixed.  They then told our client it would not pay for the repairs.

Not getting anywhere on their own, our client contacted us.  When we were retained, we promptly began to assist our client.  Attorney Taras Rudnitsky, drawing upon his past experience as an automotive engineer, prepared a detailed letter to them outlining the legally-relevant facts and the applicable laws that protect consumers in these circumstances.  When they did not respond on time, we filed a lawsuit against them on behalf of our client.  After further discussions, they agreed to settle our client’s lawsuit and compensate our client.

Although each case has unique facts and circumstances, some aspects of this case occur fairly frequently.  For example, many businesses simply do not accept responsibility for their mistakes.  Instead, they often try to point the finger at someone else in an attempt to shift the blame.