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Type of Case: Defending Credit Card Lawsuit

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Client:  A Debt Collection Client

Client Review:  I was searching for an attorney regarding credit card debt. After reading positive reviews regarding the Rudnitsky Law Firm, I set an appointment to meet with him. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the law firm is a family business. They had addressed all issues that I inquired about as well as some that I had overlooked. They kept to the time lines they had set and made sure I was informed of how my case was progressing. Thanks to the Rudnitsky law firm, my case against Mainstreet Aquistion Corporation was dismissed. I have already referred 2 others to the Rudnitsky Law Firm. I am glad that I had found the positive reviews regarding their firm when I needed an attorney. Now the Rudnitsky law firm has one more positive review. I WOULD RECOMMEND using their service.