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Used Car Dealer Forced to Refund Client’s Damages and Forgive Loan

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Our client purchased a car from a used car dealer.  While our client made timely payments, the dealer started tacking on other charges, thus increasing the amount they claimed was due from our client.  Eventually, the dealer repossessed the vehicle, and tried to claim our client owed even more money to them.  Our client had no choice but to reclaim his vehicle to have a way to get to work and for regular transportation.

After reviewing the documents, we determined that the used car dealer had violated numerous consumer protection laws. Not only were the extra charges illegal, but the dealer had also engaged in financing fraud.  We promptly filed a consumer protection lawsuit against the used car dealer.  As a result of that lawsuit, we were able to have our client keep his car, free-and-clear, with the remaining balance forgiven.  We were also able to recover additional money for our client as a result of the dealer’s wrongful repossession, the dealer’s “extra charges”, and the dealer’s attempts to charge our client for additional amount he did not owe.  All of this was possible, even though the paperwork included an “as is” clause.

If you have been unsuccessful in working out your dispute with a dealer (whether a new car “mega dealer”, a corner “Buy Here, Pay Here” used car dealer, or anywhere in between), put our experience to work for you. We have sued car dealers for more than 17 years, and exclusively represent consumers. The Rudnitsky Law Firm will always keep you posted during your case, and will explain every step of the way. You will deal with the attorney directly throughout the entire case, and not just at the first meeting.