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Winning Against a “Buy Here, Pay Here” Dealer Despite Client Signing “As Is” Form

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Our client bought a used car from a “Buy Here Pay Here” (BHPH) used car dealer here in Central Florida. She quickly began having numerous problems with the car soon after she bought it. Because she had signed an “As Is” form that claimed she was buying the car without a warranty, no one else was willing to help her. When she contacted us, we reviewed all of her purchase documents. Based on our experience in the laws relating to the sale of used cars, we decided to help her seek justice.

When we filed our lawsuit, the car dealer tried to fight back and hired a lawyer. However, the deposition testimony of the owner of the car dealership quickly revealed that the dealer failed to comply with certain state and federal consumer protection laws. We later obtained a Final Judgment against the dealership, in which the Court agreed that our client prevailed on every single claim we had brought against the dealer. We were able to recover not only all the money our client had spent on the car and its repairs, but also additional compensation for her.

Just because you may have signed an “As Is” form does NOT mean that you have no rights when your used car fails to live up to the promises made by the dealer. We have been able to help many consumers who were ripped off by car dealers, even when they signed “As Is” forms. If your used car is a lemon or has turned into a nightmare, call us for a free consultation at 386-444-3032 or simply click here to see if we can help you too.