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Winning Debt Collection Lawsuit Against Midland Funding

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Plaintiff: Midland Funding, LLC

Original Creditor: Citibank

Plaintiff’s Attorneys: Joel Lucoff and Armando Vasquez

Plaintiff’s Law Firm: Pollack and Rosen, P.A.

Case Outcome: Case dismissed without our client paying anything

Our client was sued for Breach of Contract and for Unjust Enrichment by the law firm of Pollack and Rosen, PA. Attorneys Joel Lucoff and Armando Vasquez represented Midland Funding, LLC. Midland Funding claimed that it had purchased the alleged debt from Citibank, and that the records reflected that our client owed them money. Our client disputed these claims, and even provided documentation that he had paid Citibank in full. Our client originally tried to defend this credit card lawsuit himself, but Midland continued to prosecute it. Once we were retained by our client, we filed appropriate motions with the Court and sent out discovery requests that would prove our client was correct. Midland Funding then dismissed the case without our client paying anything to them or their attorneys.

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