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Debt Collector Harassment

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Even if you owe a debt, federal and state laws prohibit the debt collector from using abusive or harassing conduct in trying to collect that debt. Such conduct may include the debt collector trying to collect more than the amount due, using abusive language, implying they are lawyers or affiliated with law enforcement agencies when they are not, threatening arrest, contacting you at inconvenient times or if you have told them to stop, contacting friends or employers, making false statements on your credit reports, making robo-calls to your cell phone, and many other types of illegal conduct. If you have been victimized by a debt collector, we can seek justice for you to recover your losses, as well as penalties provided by several laws, including the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and the Florida Consumer Collection Practices Act (FCCPA). The articles below provide more information about your rights relating to illegal conduct by debt collectors.

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