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Debt Collection Lawsuit Defense

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We represent consumers who have been sued by credit card companies for credit card debt. We also represent consumers sued by other types of debt collectors, including for medical debt, auto repo deficiency, RV repo deficiency, and other types of consumer debt. These lawsuits can be brought by the original creditor (such as Citibank, Capital One, Wells Fargo, Discover, American Express, etc.) or by the debt buyers who buy the debt for pennies on the dollar (such as Midland Funding, CACH LLC, Cavalry Portfolio Services, Mainstreet Acquisition Corp., Equable Ascent Financial LLC, etc.). The articles below describe the typical litigation process, as well as affirmative defenses and legal strategies we have used successfully in the past for our clients. If you find yourself being sued by a debt collector, call us today for a free consultation about your rights and potential defenses.