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Tag Archive: defending credit card lawsuits

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  • Credit Card Laws and Regulations

    As part of the effort to help consumers gouged by credit card companies, more changes to credit card rules were proposed by the Federal Reserve Board on September 29, 2009. There are a number of ways in which consumer protection cases arise against credit card companies. Rudnitsky Law Firm consumer protection attorneys are very well versed with the Credit Card Act.

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  • What to do When You Face a Default Judgment

    A default judgment can be rendered when the person defending a lawsuit fails to show up when summoned to court. Just believing you don’t owe the debt is not enough – you must show up in court, either personally or through a Florida Debt attorney. Get in touch with a Florida Debt Collection Lawyer from Rudnitsky Law Firm for more information.

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  • Stipulation for Entry of Final Judgment Execution

    If you’ve been sued on a credit card debt, you may have received a document either with the lawsuit papers or soon after called a “Stipulation for Entry of Final Judgment Execution Withheld” or something similar. Although it sounds like a settlement letter, and although the specific payment amount may be left blank, there are some serious consequences you should consider before agreeing to it. Learn all about such cases from Rudnitsky Law Firm attorneys.

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