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  • Florida Lemon Law

    To qualify as a lemon under the Florida Lemon Law, your car must meet several legal requirements. This article summarizes many of the most important provisions of the Florida Lemon Law, which is formally known as Florida’s Motor Vehicle Warrant Enforcement Act. The Florida lemon law applies only to new vehicles, and not used vehicles.

  • Dangers of Buying a Rebuilt Car

    More and more, we are seeing car dealers here in metro Orlando selling rebuilt wrecks.  This means that the vehicle... View Article

  • Lawsuit Against Local Car Dealer Results in Justice for Consumers

    Type of Case:  Auto Fraud Case Outcome:  Clients received a full refund of all money paid to the dealer Our... View Article

  • Losing Your Rights in Arbitration

    Arbitration is a process where the parties avoid going to court by using a private process to resolve disputes that would otherwise normally end up in court. Arbitration is a private process, with lots of secrecy and without many of the most important rights you would have in court. It is important to put legislation in place to prevent companies from forcing you into arbitration with the help of a Florida debt collection attorney.

  • Vehicle Repossessions: Overview of Your Rights

    We periodically get inquiries from potential clients asking about their rights after their vehicle get repossessed (repo’d).  This post generally... View Article

  • Obtaining Justice in Used Car Deal

    Our client went looking for a reliable and dependable used car from a buy-here, pay-here dealership.  Although she put a... View Article

  • A Case of the As-Is Clause and Florida Lemon Laws on Auto Fraud

    The “As is Clause” does not shield auto fraud. Learn how a Rudnitsky Lemon Law attorney was successful in getting a refund for their client who had signed an “As-Is” clause when purchasing his car. Florida Lemon Law ensures that the consumer gets back a refund in case there is any doubt of misinterpretation present in the contract signed, even if the buyer signs an As-Is clause.

  • Examples of Auto Fraud Cases

    How do you understand if you have been involved in an auto fraud case? There are a number of different types of auto fraud cases that you may get involved with. Learn how to ensure that your car dealer is not offering you something that will eventually turn into a case of auto fraud. Get to know when you need to contact a Florida car fraud lawyer.

  • Odometer Rollback Case

    Odometer Rollback cases are as common today as they were in the past. Automobile dealers may reset the mileage reading and request a higher price for the cars they sell. Florida Lemon Law and Auto Fraud Lawyers from Rudnitsky Law Firm were successful in taking care of a case for their client where an odometer rollback case was involved.

  • What to do When You Face a Default Judgment

    A default judgment can be rendered when the person defending a lawsuit fails to show up when summoned to court. Just believing you don’t owe the debt is not enough – you must show up in court, either personally or through a Florida Debt attorney. Get in touch with a Florida Debt Collection Lawyer from Rudnitsky Law Firm for more information.