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Auto Fraud Lawsuit Against Car Dealer Allows Client to Recover his Money

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Our client was looking for a new car at a local dealership.  He provided his employment and income information to the dealership.  The dealer told him he was approved for the new car.  He traded-in his car, which was fully paid off.  He also made a significant down payment.  However, the purchase documents they asked our client to sign listed it as a used car.  When our client asked them about this, they assured him the car was new and even his key tag said it was a new car.  When he confronted them about the payments being higher than promised, they told him to come back in a few months and they would send him to a credit union that would lower his payments.  False statements and excuses often arise in a typical auto fraud lawsuit.

Our investigation showed that the “new” car was actually a used car.  We also obtained evidence that the dealer had submitted false information about our client’s job and income to the finance company.  That led to our client not being able to afford the payments, and the car was repossessed.  As a result, he was left without a car as he had traded in his other car that was fully paid for, and without any money to buy a replacement car.  Based on what the car dealer did to him and the dealer’s failure to correct the problem, we filed an auto fraud lawsuit against the dealer.

We discovered several ways in which the dealer broke the consumer protection laws.  Shortly after filing our auto fraud lawsuit, the car dealer agreed to a settlement.  We recovered our client’s down payment, the value of his trade-in vehicle, plus the amount allegedly due under the financing agreement.  Our client was very happy with the result of this auto fraud lawsuit!

When looking for a vehicle, ask a lot of questions, review everything you sign, and get a copy of everything you signed.  Make sure to document who you spoke to and their job title or position.  And just as importantly, don’t ignore your gut instinct.  If you feel you are being lied to, if they refused to correct errors in their documents before you sign them, walk away.  If you think you will need financing, try to get pre-approved with your bank or credit union in advance, rather than relying on the dealer to find it for you.  (Dealers often make a large profit if they arrange for your financing.)

If you feel you have been a victim of a car deal gone wrong or if your car was wrongfully repossessed, call us to see if we can help you.  We have filed numerous an auto fraud lawsuit against many dealers, ranging from large chains to small “buy here, pay here” dealers.  While no attorney can guarantee an outcome of a case, we can guarantee we will treat you like we would want to be treated.  Don’t you want to get the personal representation you deserve?