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Car Dealer Fraud Case: Satisfied Client

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Type of Case:  Car dealer fraud / auto fraud

Client:  E


I highly recommend the services of Attorney Taras Rudnitsky. If you have a Consumer Issue, a competent and knowledgeable attorney in this particular practice is extremely difficult to find. Attorney Rudnitsky is knowledgeable, dedicated, and devoted to his practice. My case was complicated and I was very impressed with his expertise in antitrust and consumer affairs. He was fully prepared with facts and legal issues in pursuing justice for my case. In particular, he took time to review the entire case and discussed it with me in an informed manner. It’s worth noting that while some attorneys only care about the bottom line, it was heart-warming to know that there are attorneys whose primary objective is to seek justice for their clients.

Although, I was aware that I was being treated unfairly by the company I sued in court, Attorney Rudnitsky was able to uncover that the company had also committed Fraud. This injustice was forthcoming. I truly respect this attorney for his integrity and kindness in such a difficult and complex case. His handling of my consumer affairs case far exceeded my expectations.