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Client Review: Debt Collection Defense / Contract Matter

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Client: Hassan

Type of Case: Debt Collection Defense / Contract

Client Review:

I moved to Florida in the spring of 2010 from Long Island NY. Prior to moving to Florida, I was involved in an automobile accident in my Long Island neighborhood in 2009. The driver of the car that crashed into mine was from Kentucky and was driving an Enterprise rental. He came down the wrong way of a one way street, went across the 3 lanes of the main road and hit my car. He immediately admitted the accident was his fault and it was so noted in the police report. His insurance company paid 100% for the loss of my car. About two months after paying me, the insurance company contacted me and stated that since the car was a rental from Enterprise, I needed to refund their payment back to them and pursue Enterprise for the loss of my car. I told them this was absurd and that I already spent the money in purchasing another car. They created a debt for this and sent it to a collection agency. The collection agency started harassing me day and night for payment and will not listen to anything I had to say. All they wanted was the money from me. To get them to stop calling and continuously threatening me I agreed to pay the money back in monthly amounts of $25.00 which was all that I could afford. I did this for almost a year and I found out just before leaving Long Island that the collection agency was involved in illegal collection tactics against consumers and was being sued by a New York Law Firm which was representing many of the consumers. I spoke with the Law Firm but because I was moving to Florida within weeks, they told me that I should stop future payments to the collection agency and if they attempted to pursue me in Florida, that I should contact the Rudnitsky Law Firm in Florida to assist me. That is exactly what happened, the collection agency started harassing me for the unjustified repayment of the insurance settlement. I contacted the Rudnitsky Law Firm and had a most detailed discussion with Mr. Taras of Rudnitsky Law Firm. He understood everything and told me not to worry. The advice he gave me was priceless. He told me exactly what to do in responding to the collection agency. I followed his instructions and prepared a letter to the collection agency. I e-mailed Mr. Taras the letter for proof reading before I mailed it. Mr. Taras called me back the same day and told me the letter was perfect and to go ahead and mail it out. He also told me that I should not worry or be stressed out over this because the letter I was sending should stop the collection agency’s harassment and threats once and for all. I sent that letter out more than three years ago and have never again been contacted by the collection agency. What a relief! Mr. Taras and Ms. Tina of the Rudnitsky Law Firm were both extremely caring, helpful, kind, courteous, decent and very prompt with helping me. To this day, they never asked me for a payment or even hinted about any charges. They see their clients as people in need of help and they help them. They do not see their clients as dollar signs. Just this week of September 16, 2013, I e-mailed Mr. Taras about another issue I may have pertaining to Small Claims Court. Mr. Taras called me back within an hour of my e-mail and spent a great deal of time with me on the phone discussing my issue and options. Again, no mention of a fee for any of this. All I can say is Thank You to Mr. Taras and Ms. Tina of the Rudnitsky Law Firm. May God Bless you for the work you do in helping those in need. I would highly recommend the Rudnitsky Law Firm to everyone.

[NOTE FROM RUDNITSKY LAW FIRM:  We are proud of the help we provided to Hassan and to all of our clients.  As mentioned above, we provide free consultations to potential clients.  Sometimes that is enough to resolve the client’s issues.  However, if that does not resolve the issue and litigation is necessary, the Rudnitsky Law Firm stands ready to assist you.]