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Client Wins Fraud Lawsuit Against Buy Here, Pay Here Dealer

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Our client purchased a vehicle from a “Buy Here, Pay Here” dealer after she was told it was in working order.  She put made her down payment and financed the remaining amount with the dealership.  The Buy Here, Pay Here dealer then refused to deliver the vehicle, even though our client kept making all of her payments under their contract.  After not being able to work it out with the dealership by obtaining her car or getting out of the contract, she contacted our firm for help. 

After reviewing the documents from our client, we realized that she was not provided with the required paperwork from the dealership.  We also found out that the dealer had never transferred the car into her name.  We sued the Buy Here, Pay Here dealer for numerous violations of both state and federal law.  We won the case for our client: the Court ruled that the Buy Here, Pay Here dealer had committed fraud, and had violated each of the state and federal laws we had claimed.  Our client received back every penny she had paid to the dealer and got out of the contract. 

We have handled numerous cases involving fraud against car dealers ranging from the corner Buy Here, Pay Here dealers to large, multi-store chains.  We have obtained justice for our clients in cases involving fraud, misrepresentations, odometer tampering, undisclosed rebuilt wrecks, financing fraud, defects, breach of warranty, and many other types of consumer protection cases involving cars, trucks, and vans.  As a former automotive engineer, Mr. Rudnitsky is familiar with many makes and models of vehicles.  As a consumer attorney, he handles select cases in Seminole County, Orange County, Volusia County, Brevard County, Flagler County, and Lake County.