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Dealer Failed to Transfer Title

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Our client purchased a used car from a dealership.  Although they paid for the car in full, the dealer failed to transfer title to our client’s name.  Shortly after that, the dealer’s license to sell cars was revoked.

Because our client was getting nowhere on their own, we were retained to help our client.  Based on our experience, we knew that when the dealer failed to transfer title to our client, it violated several Florida laws.  Based on our experience, we also knew that there may be options for a consumer who has been ripped off by a car dealer, even if the dealer is no longer in business.  We were able to ensure that our client received free-and-clear title to the car, even without filing a lawsuit.  Needless to say, our client was satisfied with this result.

To properly pursue a car dealer or other defendants in an auto fraud case, a lawyer needs to be knowledgeable about Florida laws and regulations, U.S. (federal) laws and regulations, and have the experience to know how all these laws and regulations interact with one another.  As an attorney and former automotive engineer, Taras Rudnitsky has significant experience in the car industry.  He has filed cases against car dealers and other companies for nearly 20 years.  During that time, we have represented only consumers – never businesses.  We have handled numerous cases involving car dealer fraud, deceptive practices, and scams and rip-offs.   This includes cases involving odometer rollbacks, undisclosed re-built wrecks, financing fraud, yo-yo sales (bait-and-switch financing), dealer failed to transfer title, illegal charges, warranties and warranty disclaimers, wrongful repossession, defective cars and trucks, and other cases.