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Debt Collection Lawsuit Client Review for Taras Rudnitsky

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Client:  Benjamin

Type of Case:  Debt Collection Lawsuit Defense

Client Review:

There is none better than Taras Rudnitsky.

Mr. Rudnitsky vigorously defended me against an unscrupulous credit card issuer who was unfairly suing me.  After I retained Mr. Rudnitsky, I was kept informed of every development in my case (big or small) leading up to my hearing date.  It came as no surprise that Mr. Rudnitsky quite handily won my case that day!

I have had some legal issues in the past, and have met quite a few attorneys.  I can wholeheartedly say that this man is the standard that all others will be weighed against in any future legal issues.  In short: This is a brilliant attorney, and a fine person.

I consider myself very lucky to have found such a wonderful lawyer in my time of need.  With much gratitude, I post this review.  Thank you.