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Helping our Client with Car Dealership Lawsuit When No One Else Would

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Case Outcome: Case against our client dismissed, and she recovered money damages from car dealer

Our client was sued by a major Central Florida car dealership where she had purchased a car.  Even though the dealership told her that they had obtained financing for her and provided her the car, the financing had actually not been approved.  She offered to make payments directly to the dealership, but they refused to accept her payments.  Also, they refused to return her trade-in vehicle or pay her for her trade-in.  Instead, the dealership sued her for return of the car (replevin), as well as for monetary damages of more than $15,000.

Our client spoke with several law firms, who told her that she had no case and that they could not help her.  Thankfully, she continued looking and found the Rudnitsky Law Firm.  We immediately recognized her situation as a type of bait-and-switch financing scheme, sometimes called a “yo-yo” sale or a “spot delivery”.   Click here for more information about this tactic used by many car dealerships throughout Florida.  We agreed to defend her against the car dealership’s lawsuit.

Our investigation and experience also identified several claims against the dealer and its lawyers.  We made clear to the dealer that our client was not going to pay and would instead vigorously fight their lawsuit.  By the conclusion of the case, the dealer agreed to pay our client for the value of her trade-in vehicle, plus additional damages attributed to the claims we had identified, in exchange for her returning the car.

If you are sued and were told that you do not have a case, contact us for a free consultation.  Our client was very glad she did.  In fact, several of our clients have been turned down by other law firms, but we were able to assist them.  As a former automotive engineer, Taras Rudnitsky is familiar with yo-yo sales, auto financing issues, warranty problems, deceptive acts, false advertising, odometer fraud, rebuilt wrecks and other types of auto fraud cases.  Click here for a link to our video page; the fourth video discusses common auto fraud issues.  Put our experience to work for you!