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Justice for Victim of Dealer Fraud and Defective Trike

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Type of Case:  Dealer Fraud / Breach of Warranty

Case Outcome: We recovered our client’s full purchase price, plus additional damages

Client Problem:  Our client bought a three-wheeled motorcycle called a “trike” or “trike scooter” from a local dealership.  The trike broke down on the highway on the way to work shortly after it was purchased.  After the dealer claimed it was repaired, the defective trike broke down again.   Because they refused to fix it, it remained broken down.  Our client tried working out the issues with the dealer, the distributor, and the owner of the dealership on her own, but they refused to accept responsibility for their defective trike.  After contacting several attorneys who would not accept her case, our client contacted us by email.  We scheduled a meeting at our client’s home, reviewed her documents, and photographed the defective trike.

Thanks to our client’s persistence in finding an attorney, she found our firm.  We kept her informed every step of the way through phone calls, mail and emails.  She was given our personal cell numbers and knew she could contact us anytime, including evenings and weekends.  Through this ordeal, as with many clients, we made a new friend.

Outcome for Client:  We are proud to say we were able to ensure that our client obtained the justice she deserved.  She received a refund of all the money she paid for the trike, reimbursement of all her other out-of-pocket costs, and her attorney fees and costs were paid by the Defendants.

If you feel you have a case involving a defective trike, motorcycle, car, truck, or SUV, contact us to see if we can assist you, even when no one else is willing to fight for you.  If the dealer refuses to help you, or if they try hiding behind an “as is” document, contact us.  You don’t have to go through this difficult ordeal alone, and don’t have to let the dealer take advantage of you.  We represent consumers in auto fraud cases, breach of warranty, defective products, and other consumer protection cases.