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RV Scam Victim Receives Full Refund

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Our client purchased an RV from a local dealer here in Florida.  However, for several months our client was not able to obtain the title to the RV.  Apparently, there was also a large lien on the RV from a bank that had financed its purchase by a prior owner.  Because of that, our client was never able to obtain a title to the motor home.  In short, the sale turned out to be a complete RV scam.  Although the dealer and its lawyer claimed that they wanted to work it out with our client, they never did.  After striking out on their own, we were hired to pursue justice for our client.

We promptly notified the RV dealer’s lawyer about the Florida and federal laws that had been broken by the dealer’s RV scam.  Not long afterwards, the motorhome dealer filed for bankruptcy, in an attempt to avoid having to pay our client – and many other customers too.  While most lawyers would have given up at that point, we refused to give up.

Instead, we used our knowledge and experience to find a different way to pursue justice for the dealer’s RV scam.  We kept going, using an approach that apparently has not been used anywhere in Florida for at least the past several years.  In the end, we were able to obtain a full refund of our client’s money.  This included not only the purchase price for the RV, but also the accessories and supplies our client had purchased, insurance payments, storage charges, and other expenses.

If you have been a victim of a scam perpetrated by an RV dealer, car dealer, or other business, you have important rights that can protect you.  You want a lawyer who is willing to fight for you, even if obstacles surface.  You want a lawyer who does not give up easily. You don’t have to go through this alone.